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Ck one perfume by Calvin Klein is a sensual fragrance that combines man and women with a single provocative scent. This made possible through the clean and refreshing combination of citrus, green and woody accords. The best CK one perfume can be correctly used as a spring or summer daytime cologne irrespective of your gender.

Reasons to wear the best perfumes

The appeal of a good fragrance is that it tends to be ephemeral and empowering.  A good perfume will present an iridescent invisible armor that stays in a room along after the wearer has left and pervaded people’s imagination with a refined power inferring at a concealed identity.

Pheromones are the hormones that are triggered by scent for them to stimulate sexual anxiety. Logically, the hormone plays a major role in human sexuality and desire and the hormones can be found in perfumes. Note that most of these widely known pheromones will only work on men. For that reason, women wearing the best ck one perfumes tend to instill an irresistible sexual desire in the men around them.

A good fragrance can be a perfect way to escape from our boring daily life taking us to a location of serenity and calmness. Best CK one perfumes can rejuvenate our energy, senses, and brains. Once a beautiful cologne surrounds you, you are in a euphoric state, and you will instantly feel relaxed.

Note that every individual’s perfume is unique and it is vital to go for a perfume that best suits you. You can change your fragrance to depending on your mood that day. Since ck one presents many varieties of perfumes to choose from, a person can be original by deciding what fragrance to wear on a specific day. The capability to have this type of personality through good scent brings an influence to our self-esteem and confidence.

Estée Lauder perfumes, perfumes for any mood

Youth Dew Estee Lauder



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Youth Dew Estee Lauder fragrance was introduced as the first women perfume in 1950. Estee Lauder perfume has an attractive smell with a lasting cologne, and within the first year, more than 50000 bottles were sold.

With quality research continuously preceding once a product has been launched, so many women’s Estee Lauder perfumes, followed the initial accomplishment of Youth Dew like pleasures, beautiful beyond paradise and pure white fragrance series.

Other famous fragrance lines produced by Estee Lauder fragrances comprise white linen, Estee, and Intuition. Note that once all these fragrances were released to the market, they become instant favorites for women perfumes all over the universe.

Also, the men’s Estee Lauder perfumes were accompaniments to their great Estee Lauder fragrance like Intuition for Men, Beyond Paradise for Men, and Pleasures for Men. Currently, all these familiar older fragrances and colognes are accessible at a reduced price once you purchase them online. There is a vast collection of Estee Lauder perfume products, both new and old favorites

Types of fragrances for any mood

The world of oriental scents

One of the best Estee fragrances with an Oriental scent is ESTEE LAUDER Sensuous Nude. This is one of the companies first fragrances. These fragrances are a combination of musk, amber, Oud, and cinnamon. Typically, this type of fragrance is strong, heavy and have rich scents that are suitable for secretive women. The fragrance is a symbol of power, class, and luxury. For this reason, they are mostly worn during night events and never worn every day when going to work or school or with a casual modern clothing.Check ESTEE LAUDER Sensuous Nude on Amazon  

Earthy and woody scent

As a serious and classy woman, the woody and earthy fragrance should be for choice number one when it comes to picking your suitable fragrance. Note that these scents are warm because they are a combination of sandalwood and spices. Because of this, they should be worn during the winter seasons. Knowing perfumes is one of the most popular woody scented perfumes. It has a natural fel that goes great for official events.

knowing perume.jpg

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Sweet sugary aroma

Sweet Sugary scented perfumes tend to have the same aroma of sweet food like fruits, candy or caramel. Teenage girls choose these fragrances since they offer an additional touch or vitality and happiness. They are best applied for day to day activities, and you can wear the perfume at work or school.

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy perfume is a great example of a sweet fragrance. It is packaged just screams teenage girl couple that with the fact that the perfume was designed by a teenage girl icon.

Swet scents

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Flowerily and fruity fragrance

These perfumes comprises the typical mixture of certain flowers and fruits like mango, violet, jasmine, orange, rose Jade and Lily. They are very similar to sugary perfumes, but the smell is more fruity. A good example of this is kind of fragrance is the Meow by Katy Perry. It seems celebrities love these sweet smelling perfumes.

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How to determine what fragrance best suits you

Try a new perfume in the morning

Morning hours are the best moment to try a new scent and pick the one that is suitable for you. Your smelling sense at that given time is more accurate since it is not affected by the smells that you come across during the day. Make sure you purchase especially Mode Muse Estee Lauder perfume in the morning hours to avoid getting a fake mix or just purchase it on Amazon.


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Find out what kind of fragrance you prefer most

Ensure that you pick a fragrance that catches your attention and the one that makes you comfortable. Some women will go for flowers and fruits, while other have a preference of heavy fragrance like musk and amber on refreshing smells like cucumbers and soap.

Never should you try numerous perfumes

Note that your sense of smell is very delicate. Our bodies cannot process different smells at the same time, and for this reason, it is impossible to try more than three fragrances. You can as well sniff ground coffee while testing perfumes since coffee will help you regain your sense of smell by purifying nasal filaments. Some perfumes like CK one go well with many fragrances, but even this perfume has its limits.

Consider the type of your skin

It is evident that perfumes will react with the nature of the skin. Because every fragrance will react differently according to each, it is advisable to try it on your skin. When testing perfume, put a small amount on your skin surface without rubbing since the composition of the fragrance might break down, hence losing its smell. Let your skin absorb the perfume, and then you can determine if it suits you.

For people with sensitive skins I recommend Estee Lauder perfumes They are made with natural ingredients that ensure less irritation.

The occasion and season

Time plays an important role when it comes to choosing your best ck one perfume. Note that cologne will vary depending on seasons and they will as well differ depending on time.

Again for this I recommend two of my favorite fragrances that are neutral and will not make one think you tried too hard. The Ck One and Modern Mose. These two perfumes last long and are not very strong meaning they would work in a public setting without irritating other people.

Calvin Klein ck one

  • When it comes to perfumes royalty, Calvin Klein was an experienced leader
  • Long lasting scent
  • Gives you an identity
  • few cases of allergies or irritations
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Estee Lauder Modern Muse

  • The mixture of floral scents and sensuak woods makes the perfume
  • It’s able to scent out through the entire day. It’s a very strong and powerful perfume
  • The modern muse is a little bit pricey but it actually worth the splurge.
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