Estee Lauder is one of the most trusted beauty product brands in the whole globe. The invention of makeup products, skin cares product and fragrances have kept the majority of people amazes and happy.

The incredible success of Estee Lauder was made known around the globe when she appeared in Time magazine’s list of other successful and influential individual of the 20th century in the year 1998.

It was a mix joy and achievement because she was actually the only women to make the list. Another award came to her again whereby she was awarded the presidential Medal of Freedom.

The fragrance of Estee Lauder is made with the association of incredible designer which are Yves Cassar, Ilias Ermenidis, Alienor Massenet, Christopher Laudamei, Annie Buzantian, Sophia, Grojsman, Bernard Chant, Evelyn Luader, Lois Evans, Firmenich, Josephine Catapano, Aerin Lauder, Pierre Wargnye, Betty Busse, Alberto Morillas and Calice Becker.


If you are doubtful or confuse on fragrance to try, below are the list of best Estee Lauder perfume to check out on. Few Estee lauder perfume can be a little pricey, meanwhile it worth the price.

Estee Lauder perfume is all guaranteed in providing you with a high and incredible scent which is capable of staying for hours. One spray of Estee Lauder perfume is okay for a day out because it will go a long way.

Estee Lauder has won the trust and heart of many individuals and family for its credibility and quality productions. It’s one of the best company in the world of beauty and cosmetics. However, the company products have been around the globe for a long time and still remain the with it high-quality production.

However here are the best and quality Estee Lauder perfumes that you have to try out.


esterr beautiful.jpg

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Beautiful is an incredible perfume which is capable of letting individuals admire your scent and confident.

It has a unique and strong floral scent; beautiful perfume is quite known and recognized as a fragrance for thousand flowers.

It was specifically been introduce in the year 1985 and it has been the best perfume for many individuals of women even since its invention.

To be precise, Beautiful perfume it’s an incredible and desirable perfume to make use of for a romantic date or a night out with a girl. Beautiful is naturally design in attracting compliments from other, and if you are the type that needs such complimentary result then beautiful perfume should be the one to consider using.

Estee lauder pleasures


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This is a lovely perfume that can be used for both as night perfume and a day perfume, it has a long lasting incredible and powerful scenting spam.

Estee lauder pleasures was introduced in the year 1995, ever since then, there have been other varieties of pleasure perfume such as “pleasure pop, pleasure bloom, pleasure intense, and pleasure Exotic.

Unfortunately, their newer brand of pleasure are very good and nice, it has a unique floral scent with a top note white lily and also with a violet leaves together with a base note of sandalwood and patchouli.

Estee Lauder Modern Muse



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The estee lauder modern muse is the hot and latest Estee Lauder fragrance.

It has been the newly established perfume by Estee Lauder over the period of about 10 years; the actual aim and purpose for the creation of modern muse perfume are to make a statement.It has a significant and powerful scent which adds more confident to modern women.

The mixture of floral scents and sensuak woods makes the perfume an outstanding type, It’s able to scent out through the entire day. It’s a very strong and powerful perfume that can also make a statement. Meanwhile, the modern muse is a little bit pricey but it actually worth the splurge.

Estee Lauder Sensuous



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Sensuous is a soft and light perfume that does not really overpower you.

This brand of soft fragrance is really incredible and excellent to put on. On every occasion you wish to go, and it has a strong lasting scent.

Sensuous is capable of living you with a fantastic warm and luscious feelings. Many individuals consider this brand of perfume as an excellent type despite it’s a newly invented fragrance.



It was initially released in 1968; the estee is actually one of the oldest Estee Lauder perfumes.

The majority of individuals that have made use of this perfume have recommended it to either family members or friends. It has a light, warm and soft scent that is guaranteed of lasting long and also balanced by raspberry, citrus, and peach.

With a warm and light floral fragrance with top notes of jasmine and base note of sandalwood. However, Estee is quite excellent to be used during summer.

Estee Lauder White Linen


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If by any means you are searching for a unique and clean scent, then pure white perfume should be considered to make use of.

It is quite great to putt on at anywhere be it at day or night, it also relaxes the tempo and expression of the atmosphere with it incredible scent.

This unique scent of pure white was gotten from top note of Italian mandarin, raspberry and white freesia.

Beyond paradise


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It has a bright and youthful floral fragrance that best worn during the warm period. There is few note on beyond paradise perfume which is Honeysuckle, orchid and orange blossom.

Knowing Perfume

knowing perume.jpg

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The Knowing Perfume is a high quality and mature scent perfumes which have a more woodsy profile which still brings in a floral note such as jasmine, sandalwood and rose. The best period to make use of this perfume should be during the cold months.

Estee Lauder Youth Dew


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Youth dew was the first ever fragrance been manufactured from Estee lauder.

It has stayed for more than 50 years of it usage

Youth dew is actually been consider as the best, sexiest and excellent fragrance ever made. It is best worn at evening for it lives you with a unique scent.