While many people are comfortable in their ownskin, they were born in, there are a few who feel a certain degree of discontent. They would either like to be a shade darker, or lighter.

This is due to modern day perceptions, TV programs, and the internet and fashion magazines that give the impression that someone should be beautiful if they look a certain way. So it’s more of a psychological issue than anything else.

There are ways though that one can feel comfortable in the way they were born and live a more fulfilling life. Beauty is not about looks, but how you feel about yourself.

Let us look at some of the ways one can appreciate their beauty;

1. Be realistic about your ownskin


To be able to make an impact in the lives of others, you have to understand yourself and your ownskin. This is usually translated to mean what you would like to be, which is far from it. To begin to appreciate yourself, you have to understand you, deep down in your heart and soul. This is where joy and happiness originate from; being authentic and knowing that you are special and can never be anybody else. Once this is achieved, expect success, vibrant health, and energy, and then you can be able to reach your full potential while realizing your dreams in the process.

2. Adore yourself

Selflove is the golden key to accepting yourself and opening up new doors to prosperity. Be it in your pursuit of financial stability, love, health, romance or other things in life.

Without selflove you cannot be at one with your ownskin, all you ever want will remain a mirage and unattainable. That is how important self-love is, and your output depends on how you feel about yourself. If you feel bad about yourself, it will reflect in various ways in your life.

3. Respect your wants

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Never try to justify your hearts desires or rationalize them. You should also never deny what you feel, and you do not owe anyone an explanation. Sometimes we do not understand our wants, and it is entirely reasonable.

If you do not love yourself enough, you will always feel like you do not deserve everything you want, and that could prove a major setback in life and the pursuit of self-acceptance. It is also good to note that anything you want is attainable if you just believe in yourself.

4. Take responsibility

It is always good to take responsibility for the life that you have created for yourself. This brings a sense of empowerment that helps you to achieve the life you want. Also, be honest with yourself to the point people call ‘terrifying’ levels. Do not also try to fit into a crowd as you were born alone and the reins of life are within your grasp and control.

5. Stop tolerating


There is a huge difference between tolerating and accepting. You should never tolerate anything in life, it is a slow suicide and it is basically sucking the life out of your ownskin, numbs you and drains all your energy.

Accepting is right as it happens in life situations that we cannot change and do not have the power to. But the things most of us tolerate can be altered by an action, a change of attitude or even a different approach.

6. Live passionately

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Being comfortable in your ownskin is a mixture of the various methods mentioned above. One cannot work without the other as they all work together like a well-oiled machine. Trust what you feel and work towards it despite the risks and the fear of the unknown. Jump into life whole-heartedly and believe everything will work out fine.

Always remember that you are unique and that is what you need to embrace to be able live comfortably in your skin. That will be the secret to achieving all that you have ever wanted.