It is natural to want to smell better. It is estimated that other people will instantly like you if you have a nice scent.

But it is almost impossible to stay fresh if you are constantly on the move or working. Some perfumes are made from synthetic material. Such affordable perfumes may lead to more harm than good.

The synthetic perfume contains substances like sulphate that react with the sweat from your body forming complex substances. The reaction of the skin and the fragrance may result in an allergic reaction.


But how do you know the fragrance perfume is natural. This can be difficult to find out, but the best way is to check established reviews for perfumes online.

But the best thing about perfumes is that they’re almost an infinite number of fragrances out there for you to choose.

How to choose affordable perfumes

Choosing a perfume is a difficult thing to do for many. This is mostly due to the almost limitless number of fragrances out there.

But I discovered an easy way to select as a fragrance

  1. First wash your hands thoroughly to remove any scents
  2. Lightly spray the fragrance at the base of your palm and take a deep sniff directly
  3. Do this a couple of times to ensure you truly digest the scent

But seeing that you may choose to buy your perfume online this only makes the process harder. But that is why you got me; I can help you make that choice without necessarily going through a list of online perfumes.


How to choose the perfume shop for you

A lot goes into selecting a shop to buy perfumes as there are so many shops out there, but only some are a cut above the rest. Location is key in settling for a perfume shop,  as well as a variety of perfumes  that one can choose from. The services that are provided are also important and can go a long way in adding value to give the shopper a great experience. In this age of technology, you can either shop online or the old fashioned way. Either way quality original products should be available as well as a shop with staff that are well versed with the products on sale to effectively guide you to find a suitable product.


Location is the number one rule in looking a perfume shop. It should be located in a convenient area that is easily accessible to you the buyer. One does not have to out of their way to shop for a perfume, it should be an on-your -way kind of place.


It is very important to know if the perfume shop you want to start shopping at is licensed and legal. This is because in the perfume industry, there are a lot of fake and replica products that are sold. A duly licensed shop though, cannot sell fake products as there are checks and balances that are involved with the relevant authorities. Inspections take place regularly, thus protecting you as the customer for dubious products that can be harmful to you.

Knowledge of products   

Operational perfume shops should have friendly staff that also has good knowledge of the products that they sell. This comes in handy in the event you need suggestions to find the ideal perfume for you, or if you need to buy for someone else probably as a gift.

Range of products

A quality perfume shop should have a wide range of products and always be up to date with the current trends in the market as well as the old ones. As a customer, you should be spoilt for choice. Products should be well displayed and labeled so that it is easy to find the perfumes you need without taking too much time. A well documented catalogue would be even better coupled with the prices.

On offer should be famous brands like eternity perfume by Calvin Klein, Giorggio Armani’s various collections, opium perfume among other top designers and brands. Apart from perfumes, a whole range of beauty products should be available such as aftershave for men, lotions and gels.

aftershave for men10 best boss aftershave for men

Value Addittion

In this time and age businesses are trying very hard to get the winning edge as competition is high. This calls for them to go out of their way to retain the customer base that they have, while attracting new ones. Delivery services are important if they are provided by a perfume store at no extra cost. Occasional offers also show that affordable perfumes store takes business seriously and the customer is taken care of.


Prices should also be a key consideration in choosing a perfume shop. Prices that are too high will hurt your pocket, and if prices are too low, they make the product suspect.  It is always a good idea to look around first to get a grasp of how prices are generally as they do not have major differences.  For example if you  plan on buying aftershave for men or eternity perfume, do some window shopping in other perfume shops and get to have an idea of the pricing.

Products such as eternity perfume have prices that are almost standard.

eternity perfume

8 Best Perfumes for men

Most people will tell you that women have the most difficult time shopping for fragrances. But this wouldn’t be further from the truth. Men actually have a worse time shopping for perfumes especially online.

I don’t mean to throw the gender card, but we can’t deny we are wired differently. For example, women like trying new things, if men get something that works them often decided to go with it instead of trying something new. For that reason, perfume companies decided to create a male fragrance that lasts longer on their clothes to give them that connection. Once this regard is made they will often stick to the brand. But some companies put aside the marketing gimmick and genuinely create male fragrances that appeal to men.

Hermes Terre D’ Parfum Spray for Men, 6.7 Fl Oz


These affordable perfumes are made from one of the most famous fragrance companies, Hermes. But what sets this perfume aside is the sharp scent. The perfume has a sharp and distinct scent. Quite frankly it is hard to confuse this perfume with any other fragrance. It was my favorite scent for a long time. Unlike many strong perfumes, it is not chocking, and people won’t think you are some kind of attention seeker.

But sometimes the perfume doesn’t work by itself to stop the body order, especially for the working people. Hermes has hence created a deodorant to help you smell fresh all day in theTerre D’ Hermes By Hermes For Men. Deodorant Stick 2.6 Oz. The best thing about a deo stick is that you apply it to the skin directly.

St Dupont Signature


This perfume is a soft and elegant scent, but it stays classic. It is one of those perfumes that give the impression that you are a soft-spoken person who knows what they want. I often wore this for dates and always felt more comfortable in it. I was sure that my date would not be chocked with the scent, and at the same time, I knew that I smell good. I always thought it gave me that James Bond feel. My only problem is that it comes in a tiny container. But that is beside the point; the perfume has an amazing scent. Besides good things come in small packages.

Paco Rabanne Invictus Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

Perhaps my favorite scent on this list. It is quite affordable, but incredibly good perfume. It has a sweet, strong vibe going for it. This is not easy to achieve, and most time when a perfume is high it ends up being spicy rather than sweet. Paco Rabanne really hit the jackpot with this one. Suffice this company having a wide range of male perfumes the Paco Rabanne Invictus Eau de Toilette Spray for Men is perhaps their most popular.

5 Cheap men perfumes

Expensive does not always mean good. There are some perfumes under $30 that are quite good. The presentation would make you think it is a $100 perfume.

Nautica Voyage By Nautica For Men

nautica voyage

This perfume has what I call an aquatic scent. It is fresh and kind yet quite appealing. It is an affordable perfume that comes in a large container. But my problem is that it does not last that long on the body. I estimated the perfume’s scent to have stayed around 48 hrs on my jacket. But suffice this vast perfume container caters for its poor retention abilities.

Cool Water By Davidoff For Men

cool water

Sometimes you gave to be superficial with perfumes. Take this one, for instance, the thing that made me purchase it was the packaging. The blue bottle is incredibly striking. If Davidoff did not do anything else right at least, they got this right.

The perfume itself is more water based than the oil based most perfumes is made from. Watery perfumes are associated with fake perfumes many times. But for this male perfume it was quite deliberate. It makes the scent quite strong, but not portent like many water-alcohol perfumes.

The alcohol may cause some reaction to some people, but it is still one very interesting perfume. If you have any allergies, try water based perfumes rather than alcohol based perfumes.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche By Gianni Versace For Men Edt Spray

versace man eau fraiche

Versace man is more known for body oils than perfumes. But I have to admit this fragrance was quite nice. Many companies scare off from creating traditional male scents. But Versace man went all out and created that spicy male fragrance that we used to buy back in the day.

But the twist is, it is also quite sweet and modern. This perfume is the perfect definition of old meets new.

And if you’re lucky enough and order from Amazon you get a pack of Versace man badoy lotion and shower gel.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioa Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 Ounce

As the name aqua suggests, this is another water based perfume. This does not make the smell fake just different. But I like the simplicity that this bottle brings. Suffice this being a water base perfume it lasts tremendously long. The best thing about this is lists softness makes it appropriate for both men perfume and women’s fragrance.

8 Elegant Women perfume

Female fragrance and perfumes are often quite different. Women’s fragrances stay much longer and are often sweet to smell. But some of the best women’s perfumes can also be affordable.

prada candyPrada Candy Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 2.7 Ounce

Cheap women Prada perfume can be difficult to find a genuine fragrance. But by purchasing these affordable perfumes on Amazon there is a better chance that the Prada perfume will be genuine. Prada Candy is one of the fragrance company best seller. It is sweet and soft bringing out the lady in any woman.

cinema by yves saint laurent

Cinema By Yves Saint Laurent For Women Eau De Perfume Spray, 90 ml, 3 Ounces

Cinema By Yves Saint Laurent has a natural fragrance making it soft and unreactive with most people. Many who have used it claim that it has a close scent to Chanel Allure but much cheaper. The combination of many fragrances in this women perfume gives it a sexy sensual smell.

BURBERRY London for Women Eau de Perfume


This Burberry woman perfume stands out for me. It is an expensive fragrance but quite dependable. Burberry products are often a bit pricey but often stand out. And that is exactly what this fragrance has done.

best perfume gift sets

7 Best perfume gift sets

Fragrance gift sets if chosen correctly make a very intimate gift on that special day. Be it an anniversary, Valentine’s day, a birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion.

It is advisable to have an idea of the scents the person you are buying prefers, and with that information, it will be a little easier to choose the perfect perfume gift set that will make a lasting impression. A new scent can also set the buyer and the receiver of the gift on a journey of discovery where new scents will be encountered and even embraced in a market of over one million perfumes.

There are different sets of perfume gift sets that are available in the market ranging from bathroom sets which sometimes come as an entire beauty package containing gels and lotions. To small travel perfume sets that can be carried around with ease.

Perfume sets are a personal expression of love and are always highly appreciated. Here are some of the best that the market has to offer;

BURBERRY for Women Eau de Parfum Gift Set

burberry perfume gift set

Burberry comes in a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ option and has a sensual fragrance of fresh apple and bergamot with warm jasmine, sandalwood and moss and has a soft and sexy feel. It can be worn during the day as well as for night escapades. The set also comes with the miniature versions of the favorite perfumes which can be stocked. Burberry also has an option of a woody and spicy note available for variety purposes.

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne Women’s Eau De Parfum Spray 2.7 oz – 100% Authentic

lady million by paco rabanne

This lady million perfume is a vibrant, sensual and confident fragrance that invokes a spirited energy and a sexy edge to it. Josie comes in an Asian pear and bergamot combined by a bouquet of Sampaguita, freesia, and wild orchid notes.

The target market for this perfume set is the young, outgoing, modern, energized and sexy women of today. This lady million perfume is not a serious fragrance and comes in a two piece gift set that also includes a full-size perfume spray as well as Josie body cream. It is packaged well in a white, black and red package that does not require additional wrapping.

Versace Bright Crystal Absolu Gift Set

versace bright crystal absolu gift set

Bright Crystal has an irresistible fragrance that can linger for a long time and was designed for the sophisticated and breathtaking, kind of women. It is made from top notes that feature yuzu, pomegranate, and accords of ice, with a refreshing heart of raspberry, lotus, peony and magnolia. Also blended in this perfume is Acajou wood, amber, and musk, and is three ounces in weight.

The set comes together with an intensely scented body lotion in a fancy silver and pink gift box. Some of the sets also come with a shower gel, and Bright Crystal makes up an important part of the over one million perfumes.

organza by givenchy perfume gift set


This very attractive gift set includes a perfume, a smoothing silk veil lotion as well as a delicate bath lotion. The bottle of the perfume is striking and very appealing to the eye.

The fragrance is a mixture of oriental-floral, both warm and sweet and has a sensual and delicate feel to it. It has rich white flower notes that include gardenia, tuberose and jasmine and soft vanilla. This is a truly special occasion present as it stands out.

Estee Lauder Purse Beautiful Eau de Parfum Spray

estee lauder purse beautiful eau de parfum spray

This gift set is the most diverse. Instead f just one scent, it comes with five different scents allowing one to experiment as well as pick a different scent for every mood and occasion.

The set includes Beautiful, Pleasures, Pleasures Eau Fraiche, Pure White Linen and Sensuous Nude packed in a lovely cosmetic bag that can double up as an evening clutch.

The Fragrances include notes of fresh cut flowers, rose, jasmine, and carnation, with fruity notes of citrus, melon, peach and plum and lower notes of sweet woods and vanilla.

7 Best Perfume For Men 2016

When picking the best smelling cologne for men, one has to consider a lot of things as it is a very personal matter. Scents have character and settling on one is not a simple matter due to the varieties that are available in this multi-billion industry.

Men do not have the kind of range women have and are a bit more limited, but the factors to consider are almost the same for both genders.

best smelling cologne for men10 best smelling cologne for men


The scent is the strongest selling point of any perfume, and for some wearer’s, it becomes a signature of sorts. Quality is one of the most important factors to consider as low-quality perfumes tend to evaporate fast meaning that the scent does not last. High-quality perfume scents, on the other hand, can last for days.
2016 was a very vibrant year, which saw new trends emerge with over 1,200 new entrants into the market. As perfumes have become a fashion accessory and statement, the market is on an upward trend, and some of the perfumes that made a list for best fragrance for men 2016 are as follows;

Hermes Terre D’hermes

hermes terre d hermes

This was exclusively designed with men in mind and is a mixture of four fragrances which are distinct, but on wearing it, they blend. On opening the bottle, the first scent one encounters citrus, which is mildly sweet.

Cedar comes in next, patchouli and pepper, making it one of the best smelling cologne for men. It was designed for everyday use and has a refreshing feeling to it. The scent is not too announced or too distant, but over applying it brings out more of the pepper smell.

Lauren Polo Red Intense

lauren polo red intense

The Lauren Polo Red Intense is definitely one of the best smelling cologne for men.

From Ralph Lauren, this perfume has a woody, spicy fragrance and also incorporates a strong scent of coffee, leather, and red ginger. It was designed to ignite a man’s imagination to new levels and has a candied fruit scent of opening the bottle making it a top men’s perfume. The feel is casual and playful according to its sweetness.

Lalique Pour Homme Lion

lalique pour homme lion

Jasmine, citrus, and cedar are the main notes of Lalique Pour Homme Lion. Market Research shows men lean more towards a woody scent and this perfume has a 100% masculine feel.

Due to its high quality, it contained petite alcohol and water and was made to reduce stress levels while elevating the wearer’s body and encouraging a personality revelation. This perfume’s scent can last for days as is expected of the majority of top men’s fragrance, providing long-lasting refreshment.

BOUCHERON Pour Homme Woody Citrus

The BOUCHERON Pour Homme Woody Citrus falls under the high-end perfumes and is adamant scented, which some men may consider too much. It contains lemon, lavender, orange, musk, sandalwood, and orris root. This is an occasional wear for those special occasions where one is out to create an unforgettable memory and presence.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Terrible Eau De Toilette

jean paul gaultier le male terrible eau de toilette

Introduced into the market in 2010 by design house Jean Paul Gaultier, Le Male Terrible has grown big over the years, making it one of the most sought after male scents of 2016.

It contains amber, vanilla, vetiver, grapefruit, and pepper-based fragrance notes which have a distinct and unique masculine scent. Another feature of this perfume is that it can be worn both during the day and night.

Cool Water Eau De Toilette Spray

cool water eau de toilette spray

Cool water perfume was developed in 1988 and was the best perfume for men 2016 due to its unique properties. From its classic fragrance notes of jasmine, lavender, musk, oakmoss, and sandalwood which are very appealing; to its water based formula that is skin friendly, making it the best smelling cologne for men. It has a strong scent and does not stain clothes even when applied directly. Cool water perfume’s sales were the highest in 2016, both offline and online.


men s colognes

7 Most Popular Men’s Colognes

There are thousands of products men can choose from when looking for a good quality cologne. Scents make a statement, conjure up memories according to science. Scents from popular men’s colognes also define characters, and as far as men’s colognes are concerned, they are supposed to compliment a man, and should not be overpowering.

A man should select a cologne that smells like him instead of cologne that he likes the scent of. Numerous perfume packages can be found on the market for every need; be it for the active sportsman, the laid back man, the sophisticated man or even the ladies man.

It is just a matter of knowing what kind of person you are, then finding the product that will compliment your character. Some products have been around for a long time like Creed cologne by the famous Paris-based fashion house. Here are some of the top players in the men’s cologne league.

Creed cologne

creed cologne

Creed cologne is a high-end cologne. This male perfume has a range of men’s cologne products that suit every man, pocket, and taste. The creed cologne range of goods was established 250 years ago, and that can only mean the quality of the highest standards. Some of the favorite colognes that can be found on the market are; Green Irish Tweed, Millesime Imperial, Silver Mountain Water and Aventus among many others.

Fierce cologne

fierce cologne


This is by design house Abercrombie and Fitch. This was intended for young men and has a citrusy and clean smell. It has a woody aromatic fragrance and comes in a 1.7-ounce liquid bottle, but can be found in a larger bottle.

Artisan cologne

artisan cologne

This is a unique and captivating cologne designed by John Varvatos. It is captivating and exudes quality and individuality. It smells like Sicilian clementine, tangelo, mandarin, thyme, marjoram, lavadin, North African orange tree blossom, Indian murraya, orange jasmine tree, ginger extracts, kephalis, georgywood, belambre, and serenolide.

Unforgivable cologne

unforgivable cologne

This was designed by Sean John, and it targets the outgoing type of man as it suits a night out. It has a smell of danger combined with power with an oceanic yet dark rum smell. That combination makes it both alluring and fascinating and making it all the more unique.

True Religion Drifter Cologne

true religion drifter cologne


It has the scent of a high-end cologne that stands out and is a favorite of the ladies. This is a highly new entrant in the market, and it is already causing ripples. It comes in a 3.4-ounce bottle, but is available in smaller sizes as well. It has the following notes; blackberry, pear, grapefruit, cardamom, ginger, rosemary, juniper berry, apricot, calypsone, guaiac wood, sandalwood, and vetyver.

Acqua Di Gio Cologne

acqua di gio cologne

This one by Giorgio Armani has a scent for all ages and covers all bases with natural, manly overtones. This cologne offers a scintillating blend of orange, lime, mandarin orange, jasmine, bergamot, lemon, and neroli. It comes in a 200-ounce fluid bottle, but other sizes are available.

Versace Eros

versace eros

Named after the Greek god of love, this cologne is a vibrant and sexy scent meant for all occasions. The smell gives out is a mixture of vibrant freshness with a twist of mint leaves, green apple, and lemon zest. The color of the bottle is turquoise which is a manly color, and it smells like mint leaves, Italian lemon zest, green apple, tonka beans, amber, geranium, vanilla, cedarwood, vetyver, and oak moss.

La Nuit De L’Homme

la nuit de l homme

This is the number one choice for men and has a sweet, soft yet manly smell which is not overwhelmingly powerful. The scent comes in layers of Cardamom (spicy) to start. Bergamot (sweet) comes next. And lavender (soft, relaxing) rounds it out.